Fee Summary

Fee Summary

Bagg Service Fee

You always pay: Commodity price (including tax) + Bagg service fee (300 JPY per order) + International shipping fee
You never pay: bank transfer fees within Japan, for initial packing and consolidation of your packages, for asking questions, to contact sellers.

For some orders, you may be charged for domestic shipping.
If you purchase intangible goods, the intangible goods fee is 10% of the value of the item.

Special Services

Additional Photos: 500 JPY/item
We’ll take 3 exterior photos for FREE of every package received - we want you to be able to see exactly what was delivered. You can also order additional photos of your items or the box serial number to be sure your items arrived safely. 

Extra Packing Material: 1,000 JPY/package
When shipping a fragile item or if you just want some extra security, you can request Extra Packing Material. We offer extra bubble wrap, tape, fragile stickers or security tape. Let us take the worry out of the shipping of rare or valuable items.

Package Storage: 50 JPY/item
Package Storage is FREE for the first 7 days. Expired packages will then start to accrue daily storage fees.

Cancellation & Return: at least 1000 JPY
In case you want to cancel your purchase after the item arrives at our warehouse, only if the seller accepts returns.

Other Instructions: 1000 - 4000 JPY/package
Sometimes you need more than generic shipping for your items, that's why we offer Other Instructions. Other Instructions can cover anything from additional packing for security to changing the content of a package we have already prepared for shipping. 

Discard: 300 JPY per 1kg and 1000 JPY per 15 minutes of additional work may apply. 
Use this option to remove your package or item without returning to the merchant.

Please, use our Shipping Rates to estimate the shipping cost.
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